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Have you HERD about the new Sheep & Goat Programs?

Have you HERD about the new Sheep & Goat Programs?

R&J Ag Supply and Hubbard Feeds is very excited to announce the launch of the Blueprint premium line of commercial sheep and goat feeds! We offer a full range of sheep and goat products formulated to meet the needs of today’s farmers and ranchers. Whether you raise your animals for meat, milk or fiber, our feeds are backed by years of nutritional expertise and supported by a team focused on helping you reach your goals. As part of the Blueprint program, these feeds are formulated with Alltech's Total Replacement Technology, which includes organic trace minerals that are readily absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal, and thus able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and animal health. This line of feeds includes complete starters and growers, along with balancer pellets that can be mixed with commodity grains right at your farm and granular mineral to meet the macro and micro mineral and vitamin needs of small ruminants. Hubbard Feeds is continually growing our commitment to offering commercial sheep and goat producers with value-added nutritional support and on-farm expertise. If you need expert advice for your sheep or goat operation, call or email R&J Ag Supply - where we can direct you to the highest, most knowledgeable professionals! Also, don't forget - Hubbard Feeds' new Sheep Feed Finance Program, available to commercial producers utilizing Hubbard's branded products of sheep feed and supplements. 0% interest program for up to 12 months! If you have questions about the Blueprint nutritional program or the 0% Sheep Feed Finance, please contact Paramount Sales & Service.

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